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Flight Training Adelaide adds Mechtronix SIMs

Sept. 18, 2013, Bangkok, Thailand - Flight Training Adelaide, the fast-expanding Australian-based aviation training business, will be providing training on three Mechtronix flight simulation training devices in its new Simulation Centre in Parafield Airport by the end of the year. The three simulators consist of two Ascent XJ Trainers and one A320 FFT X-MPL.

September 18, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

FTA’s first Ascent XJ Trainer is beginning its second year of operation and has already logged numerous hours of high-quality training. The second XJ Trainer, recently delivered to Australia, marks the successful conclusion of FTA’s multi-million dollar simulator investment program of the last two years. Once qualified and ready for training, it will double FTA’s capabilities for jet transition and MCC training as well as MPL phase ll.

The unique A320 FFT X-MPL selected by FTA, which is already ready for training, helps pupils to gradually migrate onto the aircraft they may ultimately fly, while maintaining the generic training principles from the very first day of Phase II training right up until the type rating.
This suite of Mechtronix simulators is a main pillar of FTA’s future MPL program, enabling the delivery of high-quality delivery of training for the intermediate phases of MPL. Created to service more airlines through the Asia Pacific region, FTA’s Simulator Center already trains a number of reputable carriers including Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, JAL Express, Emirates, J-Air, etc.

FTA’s CEO Pine Pienaar has a stated ambition to provide the very best MPL training solutions to the world’s very best airlines: “Working closely with Mechtronix is enabling us to achieve our vision for the region and deliver the highest quality training programmes,” he said. “The response from current and prospective customers has already been extremely positive and we are now looking to build on the excitement that the delivery of these new simulators has created.”
George Karam, vice-president at Mechtronix, says that the company’s credentials for pilot training in the region are second to none: “We have a successful track record working with FTA and are delighted to be playing our part in delivering a world-class training facility in the region.”
The FFT X-MPL features a fully type-specific cockpit with FFS handling, performance, sound and a collimated 200° x 40° visual system, but with a configurable overhead panel to allow the instructor to build up system complexity without the students becoming overwhelmed as they develop MCC and CRM skills. The purpose is to allow students to focus on developing initial flying skills in a modern jet transport aircraft such as the A320.

The Ascent XJ Trainer integrates a suite of advanced avionics such as TCAS, EGPWS, FMS and weather radar to familiarize students with a highly automated flight deck as well as the performance of today’s jet aircraft. The device will be used both for ‘traditional’ jet transition training and MCC, as well as for Phase II MPL training. The students following the MPL path will then transition to Phase III in the A320 FFT X.



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