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FlightAware announces new flight tracking innovation

FlightAware has announced the availability of FlightAware Firehose, a new cloud-based, real-time and worldwide flight tracking data feed for application developers and professional users. Firehose sources data from FlightAware’s more than 4,000 ADS-B receivers in more than 110 countries and from more than 50 different government ATC and private data-link sources.

November 6, 2015  By FlightAware

Service providers and application developers can now connect to FlightAware’s flight tracking data feed and receive over 500 real-time position reports per second and flight status messages for any airplane around the world, enabling any company to integrate FlightAware’s dataset into existing services or develop new, innovative products.

Firehose is a JSON or CSV-formatted feed that includes aircraft positions (latitude/longitude) with timestamp, altitude (flight level), groundspeed, heading, aircraft identification, registration, Mode-S code, squawk code, and FlightAware Flight ID. FlightAware Firehose also incorporates worldwide flight status data such as scheduled, estimated, and actual departure and arrival times, as well as flight plan routes and amendments, in addition to much more.

FlightAware makes it easy for users to connect to Firehose with in-depth service documentation that includes data types, sources, and formats. Software code examples are available in a variety of scripting languages.



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