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News comes to Bieber’s rescue

Jan. 30, 2014, Toronto - Justin Bieber, Canada's embattled pop star who can't seem to find a break these days, will finally get one., the 2nd largest online travel agency in Canada, wants to help out 'The Biebs' so much so that they are willing to "price drop" his ticket to anywhere in the United States to $0. "This is a special price drop exclusive only to Mr. Bieber," said Neil Bhapkar, chief marketing officer at

January 30, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

On Wednesday Bieber flew to Toronto to face charges of assault in connection to an alleged altercation with a limousine driver on Dec. 30. Toronto police said the limo driver was hit in the head several times by one of six passengers he was driving. The driver called police only to have the passengers leave the scene.

As an added incentive to return Bieber back to the U.S. is also offering free flight credits for to up to five members of Bieber's entourage. Bhapkar notes that for this offer, any Price Drop Protection (PDP) credits given to Bieber or members of his entourage do not include flights back to Toronto.

"We feel it's best – given what a great deal this is – that Mr. Bieber and his companions take the opportunity to explore other parts of the world," said Bhapkar. was the first online travel agency to offer customers Price Drop Protection (PDP) on any flight, hotel, or vacation booking. With PDP, customers can claim the difference should the price of their travel booking fall.


"Price Drop Protection makes for a stress-free online travel booking," adds Bhapkar. "Our research shows that nearly one-third of airfares drop in price at some point after purchase, so with PDP customers need not worry about waiting for the 'right time' to secure the best deal possible."


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