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Flights vanish from air traffic control in Austria

June 16, 2014, Vienna, Austria - Austria's flight safety organization says flight data recently disappeared twice from air controller radar screens in several countries, and relevant EU agencies have been asked to investigate.

June 16, 2014  By The Associated Press

Marcus Pohanka of Austro Control describes the incidents on June 5
and Tuesday as unprecedented. He said the height, location and other
information for a total of 13 aircraft suddenly vanished over Austria—
both times for about 25 minutes.


Pohanka said Thursday that other unnamed neighbouring
countries had similar incidents and the EU's Eurocontrol and


Aviation Safety Agency has been asked for a probe.


He suggested that some of the aircraft may have been long-distance passenger planes, based on their high altitudes.

Pohanka said voice contact and other emergency measures were put into effect and there was no danger at any time.


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