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FLYHT among Alberta’s 20 most innovative organizations

FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. has been selected by Alberta Venture Magazine in a list of 20 most innovative companies.

August 12, 2015  By FLYHT

Alberta Venture’s annual innovators list is comprised of companies from a variety of sectors who are solving problems by thinking outside of the box in what they describe as “a compulsion to be better and an inability to be satisfied with the way things are.”

FLYHT’s innovative Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRSTM) is a blue box that fits in an aircraft avionics bay, connects to aircraft systems so operators always know where their aircraft are and what’s happening onboard, and emits an unmistakable alert to the airline when a problem exists. If a serious problem occurs, data is streamed to the airline in real time.

Alberta Venture sites the Air France 447 Accident in 2009 as the catalyst for FLYHT’s development of a real-time data streaming technology for AFIRS. AFIRS stands out from other similar technologies because of the intelligent software that picks out the problems onboard and streams data only when necessary. While the technology has existed since 2003, FLYHT added this additional feature in 2009. There was a gap in the market for streaming capabilities and FLYHT stepped in to fill it.

“Our customers have seen the value in the data AFIRS provides, resulting in great cost savings and operational improvements,” stated FLYHT president, Matt Bradley. “We hope that AFIRS can prevent accidents and FLYHT will continue to think of new ways to solve airline problems and enhance operational efficiency.”



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