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Frasca International Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Jan. 2, 2008, Urbana, IL - Frasca International, Inc,  has announced that 2008 is its 50th year in business.

January 2, 2008  By Carey Fredericks

Jan. 2, 2008, Urbana, IL – Frasca International, Inc,  has announced that 2008 is its 50th year in business. "I founded Frasca International in 1958 after working as a flight simulator instructor & maintenance engineer in the Navy," said Rudy Frasca, Founder and President. "I'm extremely proud of where we are today and the positive impact we've had on flight training worldwide." Frasca plans to celebrate their 50th anniversary with various events and celebrations throughout the year. "Having delivering over 2000 devices, we're well known in the international flight training community and are very grateful to our customerswho have put their trust in our company," mentioned Rudy. "We also are extremely fortunate to have loyal and dedicated employees who take great pride in their work." Frasca employs over 160 at their factory in Urbana and also relies on the help of sales agents and service engineers located around the world.
Frasca is one of the only privately owned simulator manufacturers in the world. The company owned and managed by the Frasca family with three generations involved in the business. Rudy's son, John Frasca, is Vice President. Sons Tom, Bob and David and daughters, Mary, Peggy and Liz are involved in marketing, management, production, finance and other areas of the company.
Frasca International is unique in that it provides a complete range of flight training equipment for all aircraft types rather than focusing strictly on the higher end or the entry level products. Over the past 50 years, the company has had many milestones with respect to technological breakthoughs, new product announcements and contract awards. In 1983, the company transitioned from analog to digital simulation, utilizing PC technology. In 1984, they developed electric control loading which improved the feel of the controls. In 1985, Frasca introduced their first visual system. In 1987, motion bases were applied to general aviation devices. In 1991 Frasca introduced their Graphical Instructors Station (GISt) which has become an industry standard for it's ease of use and instructional value. In 1992, the company delivered it's first Full Flight Simulator. In 2003, 16 Level 6 FTDs were delivered to ERAU, the first of their kind. In 2005, a Frasca KingAir FFS with TruVision was approved to Level C. In 2007, Frasca delivered the first Level 6 Helicopter FTD and introduced TruVision Global, a highly detailed visual system, to the industry.
Frasca International is known worldwide as "the Comprehensive Source for Flight Simulation" and their name has become synonymous with flight simulation in many parts of the world. Frasca's product range includes Flight Training Devices (FTDs), FNPT I, II and IIMCC devices, CPTs, Full Flight Simulators (FFS) and more for all aircraft types, fixed wing and rotary. Frasca has delivered over 2000 devices to some 70 countries since the company was founded.
Frasca provides simulation equipment to airlines, flight schools and military organizations worldwide. Key customers include large university aviation programs such as Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) and the University North Dakota (UND), hundreds of flight schools, military organizations such as the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Army, The Indonesian Air Force, The Defence Helicopter Flying School (DHFS), the NYPD and others, and helicopter operators including PHI, Air Logistics, Bristow Helicopters, SilverState Helicopters, Bell Helicopters, Era Helicopters and many more. Thousands of pilots worldwide have trained on Frasca equipment.
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