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Frasca sims installed in Afghanistan

Oct. 14, 2011, Shindad Air Force Base, Afghanistan - Six Frasca flight simulators installed in portable trailers have been delivered to the Shindand Air Force Base in Afghanistan for use by the Afghanistan National Army Air Corps for training.

October 14, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

As part of a contract with Cessna Aircraft, Frasca completed and delivered the simulators to the USAF/Afghan Air Force.

The flight simulators include two Cessna 208B Caravan Level 5 FTDs, two Cessna T182T Skylane Level 5 FTDs and two Cessna T182T Skylane BATDs, each housed in their own portable trainer complete with TruVision™ visual systems with customized databases including several areas of Afghanistan as well as instructor operator and debriefing stations. Final acceptance of the devices is scheduled to take place the last week in September and ready for training on schedule starting on Monday October 3rd.

Frasca also supplied FTDs to Iraq in 2008. Nine units are installed at the Kirkuk Air Base in Iraq for use by the US Air Force in training the Iraqi Air Force. The FTDs are being used for training pilots for both helicopter and fixed wing aircraft and include three Cessna 172 FTDs, two Bell 206 helicopter FTDs, two Cessna Caravan FTDs and two Huey Helicopter FTDs.

Frasca is very active in the military flight simulation market and continues to supply a wide range of flight simulation products to military organizations worldwide.



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