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Garmin adds G5000 eLearning course to repertoire

Nov. 22, 2013, Olathe, Kan. - Garmin International Inc. has announced the introduction of its interactive, web-based pilot training for the G5000 integrated flight deck. Self-paced lessons help pilots streamline their initial flight training with the G5000 and offer a convenient, online course for future training purposes.

November 22, 2013  By Stacy Bradshaw

“Garmin continues to offer cutting-edge training solutions to an advancing avionics market,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin’s vice president of marketing and sales. “As flight decks continue to become more sophisticated and offer additional features and capabilities, the desire for off-aircraft training outside of a traditional classroom setting is in high demand.”

The G5000 eLearning program is highly interactive and leverages the latest technology to help customers take advantage of all the features an integrated flight deck has to offer. The G5000 web-based course offers three learning modes: demonstration, guided interaction, and solo.

When a customer logs in to the online training course, they may select which area of operation they wish to explore and watch a multi-media demonstration of that task, such as loading a flight plan. The course then permits the practice of essential areas of operation using a guided simulation system with on-screen prompts. Solo mode allows pilots to practice each highlighted area of operation, without the use of onscreen prompts ensuring each task is fully comprehended. Pilots may easily apply the information discussed in a particular lesson and quickly relate it to any phase of flight.

To help flight departments better manage their pilots’ progress, the G5000 web-based training course was developed within a learning content management system allowing instructors to facilitate student learning. Features include a discussion board, ability to journal, and add documents for flight department access, such as a flight operation manual. At the conclusion of the course, a report and completion certificate is available for documentation purposes.


G5000 eLearning is available for purchase as a 180-day subscription and is updated periodically to ensure the most current information is available. Online training may be conveniently accessed using a computer, tablet, or smartphone with Internet access. To purchase the G5000 web-based training course, visit


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