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Global 7500 awarded Transport Canada type certification

Bombardier's flagship Global 7500 aircraft, shown to be the longest-range business jet ever built after accumulating more than 2,700 flight hours since its testing began in November 2016, has been awarded Transport Canada type certification. Bombardier states this achievement paves the way for the aircraft's entry into service this year. Certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is expected to follow shortly.

September 28, 2018  By Wings Staff

The Global 7500 aircraft has accumulated more than 2

“The certification of our clean-sheet Global 7500 business jet is a defining moment for Bombardier, for our employees and for the industry, as we approach entry-into-service,” said David Coleal, president, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “Thanks to the rigour and innovation of our design and test program, the Global 7500 aircraft has succeeded in elevating every standard by which a business jet is measured – comfort, luxury, performance and a smooth ride.”

Coleal continues to explain, that in meeting certification requirements and now preparing to enter service, the Global 7500 is set to redefine international business jet travel.

Michel Ouellette, senior vice president of the Global 7500 and Global 8000 Program described how the Global 7500 aircraft exceeded its original takeoff and landing performance commitments, leading to a new published takeoff distance of 5,800 feet. He attributed the improvements to Bombardier’s latest advancements in airframe and wing design. “[The] improved takeoff performance distance is almost 500 feet shorter than the closest – and smaller – competitor aircraft, and enables the Global 7500 business jet to operate out of airports with shorter runways,” he said.

The Global 7500 aircraft holds a range of 7,700 nautical miles, which is also 300 nautical miles further than initial commitments. Bombardier explains it is the only business aircraft that can connect New York to Hong Kong, and Singapore to San Francisco, nonstop.


“The performance and functionality of this class-defining aircraft is a testament to the unique expertise and dedication of our highly skilled product development team,” said François Caza, vice president, product development and chief engineer, Product Development Engineering, Aerospace, Bombardier. “During the certification process the team successfully validated all customer and regulatory requirements to yield a highly integrated, state-of-the-art aircraft with the highest level of safety that meets or exceeds the needs of our clients.”

With what the company labels as four true living spaces, the Global 7500 aircraft is also described as unique among business jets in spaciousness, luxurious comfort and design flexibility. In addition to its nice Touch cabin management system (CMS), featuring what the company describes as business aviation’s first application of an OLED display, the Global 7500 jet includes Internet connection speeds via Ka-band to stream high-definition content. The Global 7500 aircraft also features the new and patented Nuage seat, exclusive to the Global aircraft family.

“Canadian aerospace products have a well-deserved global reputation for quality, value and reliability,” said Marc Garneau, Canada’s Minister of Transport, who helped make today’s announcement at Bombardier’s Global Completion Centre in Dorval, Quebec. “The certification of the Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft is a significant accomplishment that will create good quality jobs for Canadians and support the continued growth of the local and regional economies where these aircraft are built.”


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