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Government announces changes to departure speeds

Nov. 12, 2010, Ottawa - The Government of Canada has taken action to enhance aviation safety by prohibiting high-speed departures for aircraft in Canada. The HonourableChuck Strahl, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, announced the regulatory amendment Wednesday.

November 12, 2010  By Carey Fredericks

"Speed limitations for departing aircraft will better protect air travellers and flight crew," said Minister Strahl. "This new safety measure will help prevent aviation safety incidents upon take-off."

The amendment to the Canadian Aviation Regulations limits the departure speed of aircraft to a maximum of 250 knots. Lower-speed take-offs reduce the risk of mid-air collisions, particularly with birds, which can result in aircraft damage, and injuries to passengers and crew. Lessening the risk of bird strikes can also reduce flight delays, cancellations and aircraft downtime. The regulatory change enhances aviation safety and is consistent with International Civil Aviation Organization standards.

The regulatory amendment was pre-published in the Canada Gazette, Part I, on March 27, 2009. After consideration of comments received, the amendment was published in theCanada Gazette, Part II, on November 10, 2010, and is now in effect.



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