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Government looking at all options to replace CF-18s

March 19, 2012, Ottawa - The federal Conservatives appear to be beating a hasty retreat from a formerly iron-clad commitment to new F-35 stealth-fighter jets.

March 19, 2012  By The Canadian Press

Prime Minister Stephen Harper points out that millions of tax dollars and investments in the aerospace industry are at stake.

But he adds that the government is being flexible so it doesn't get locked into something that would be bad for Canadians.

Associate Defence Minister Julian Fantino now says the government is looking at all options to replace the air force's aging CF-18 fighter-bombers.

New Democrats say the sudden about-face shows the Tories are not coming clean with Canadians.


NDP justice critic Matthew Kellway says the government now appears to lack a credible plan for replacing the CF-18s by the end of their lifespan in 2020.


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