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GuestLogix announces launch of Global Payment Services

March 5, 2012, Toronto - GuestLogix Inc. announced today the launch of Global Payment Services, the Company’s next generation onboard retailing payment processing technology.

March 5, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

Global Payment Services will enable airlines and travel operators to transact onboard, or at any travel touch point, with the highest level of security while adhering to evolving payment certification requirements.
“GuestLogix is proud to be bringing the most comprehensive, fully-certified and secure payment technology to the passenger travel industry,” said Tom Douramakos, President and CEO of GuestLogix. “Our global customer base has driven 28 payment and travel industry certifications, more than any other provider in the market, which we have leveraged to provide greater capabilities and safeguards for our customers and their passengers.”
GuestLogix’ Global Payment Services supports cash and credit card transactions, debit cards, loyalty cards, coupons, pre-payments, complimentary and micro-payments in an offline (batch), online (real-time) or mixed connectivity environment. It also supports multiple currencies and payment methods including EMV transactions (both Chip & PIN and Chip & Signature), non-EMV (swipe) transactions, contactless card transactions, mobile-based Near Field Communication (NFC) transactions and e-Commerce transactions.
The service is unique in that it is compatible with multiple hardware platforms including seat back screens and other inflight entertainment systems, kiosks, mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, and Point-of-Sale (POS) handheld devices.
“The power of the technology is that it can be integrated with GuestLogix’ POS handheld devices or other device providers such as Ingenico, VeriFone and other leading handheld manufacturers,” added Mr. Douramakos.
GuestLogix works with a global portfolio of payment authorities to bring its customers location-specific blacklists that can be uploaded to any POS device to deny acceptance of a card that is suspected of fraudulent use. The Company has gone a step further to ensure customer safety by developing its GuestLogix’ Hot List, a proprietary list of frequent card declines seen across its global customer network, preventing purchase attempts that are deemed a security risk.
Another GuestLogix first is the ability to resubmit declined credit card transactions for authorization at a later time in order for its customers to recuperate otherwise lost revenues. GuestLogix has designed and integrated new technologies that enable proper business intelligence to be leveraged in order to identify any declined cards that are deemed appropriate for resubmission. Features of this service include: configurable frequency of resubmission of declined transactions, configurable number of resubmission attempts, non-intrusive methodology without any direct involvement with card holder or merchant, and detailed summary reporting to show funds recovered from the process. Recovery of lost funds from resubmission of declined transactions can range as high as 30% based on trials conducted by GuestLogix with multiple customers.
Through Global Payment Services, GuestLogix is capable of preparing transactions for pre-authorization, authorization, settlement and clearing, and can act as the Merchant of Record (MOR) for customer operations to manage the entire payments portfolio.
Regardless of location around the globe or whether on the ground or 35,000 feet in the air, GuestLogix offers the most comprehensive, flexible, secure and future-proof payment technology.


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