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Hamilton International announces new direct flights to Europe

Jan. 26, 2011, Hamilton, Ont. - Hamilton International Airport is pleased to announce that passengers will now be able to fly directly to Central Europe, to Budapest (Hungary), Krakow (Poland) and Prague (Czech Republic).

January 26, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

Starting 27 May 2011, in, cooperation with Hamilton International Airport, will offer weekly flights to each of these three destinations.

“We are thrilled to see these flights available from Hamilton International,” said Karen Medweth, Director, Air Service Development & Marketing at the Airport.  “There are huge ethnic Polish, Hungarian and Czech populations in Southern Ontario and these flights will make it easier to visit with relatives and reconnect with their ancestral countries.  Not to mention that Prague, Budapest and Krakow are beautiful and rich in culture and history, making them ideal vacation destinations as well.”

Based in St. Catharines, Panorama Travel & Tours has been in business for 20 years, specialising in the Central Europe market.  Ziggy (Zbigniew) Kucharski, Vice-President of Panorama Tour and Travel, said “These new flights are a unique offering to the ethnic communities as well as tourists, heading to Central Europe.  From Hamilton Airport – which is easy and friendly to use – our passengers will fly non-stop to and from Central Europe.  By avoiding the crowds and congestion at other airports, our passengers’ vacation experience will be that much more enjoyable.”

“This is another example of a tour operator that sees the advantages of Hamilton International, offering unique, niche flights to exciting destinations.  We expect these Central European flights, tapping into the significant ethnic communities, to be very well received and contribute to building Hamilton International as the premier charter airport in Southern Ontario,” said Richard Koroscil, President & CEO, Hamilton International Airport.



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