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Hawker Beechcraft announces launch customer for upgrade programs

Oct. 14, 2011, Las Vegas, Nv. - Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (HBC) today announced Clint Bowyer, Kansas native and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver, has signed an order for upgrades to his Beechcraft Premier IA following new product announcements by Hawker Beechcraft Services (HBS).

October 14, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

Bowyer is the launch customer for a Synthetic Vision System (SVS) upgrade to his Pro Line 21 displays, new aftermarket winglets by Winglet Technology and an Aircell ATG 5000 installation.
“Clint’s Beechcraft Premier IA is a tool that allows him to manage an incredibly hectic schedule,” said Christi Tannahill, Hawker Beechcraft vice president, Global Customer Support. “These upgrades will further enhance the airplane’s value as well as increase range and safety. Our relationship as a sponsor for Clint has grown into a partnership, inspired by his love and endorsement of the airplane.”
“With these new upgrades to my aircraft, I will be able to fly further and be more productive in the air than ever before,” said Bowyer. “In my estimation, these upgrades make a wonderful aircraft even better.”
Rockwell Collins Synthetic Vision System (SVS) provides real time 3-D simulated terrain and runway images presented on primary flight displays as well as multi-function displays. This system provides the flight crew with a clear image in all weather conditions. In addition to SVS, other updates include an Enhanced Vision System (EVS) video window and wall-to-wall ADI displays.
Available for aftermarket installation, the new Premier winglets leverage aerodynamic lift at the wingtips providing superior aerodynamic performance benefits. The program targets a five percent increase in range.
Aircell’s ATG 5000 provides inflight high speed internet, enabling wireless data connections within the cabin at mobile broadband connection speeds. The system allows customers to access the internet, send and receive email with attachments, and log into their computers via VPN using their own laptops or PDA just as they would on the ground.


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