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Hawker Beechcraft announces Synthetic Vision upgrade program

Oct. 11, 2011, Las Vegas, Nv. - Hawker Beechcraft Global Customer Support (GCS) today announced an exclusive agreement with Rockwell Collins to provide Synthetic Vision upgrades for all Pro Line 21-equipped Hawker and Beechcraft platforms.

October 11, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

This upgrade package offers significant safety and capability improvements by adding Synthetic Vision to existing Pro Line 21 displays. First customer installations will occur in late 2012.
“Synthetic Vision is a significant safety upgrade that underscores our commitment to support our customers well into the future of their ownership experience,” said Christi Tannahill, Hawker Beechcraft, vice president, Global Customer Support. “The ability to have real time references to terrain and airport features, no matter the weather conditions, adds a whole new level of safety to our customers’ operations.”
Rockwell Collins Synthetic Vision System (SVS) provides real time 3D simulated terrain and runway presentation in relation to the aircraft superimposed on primary flight displays as well as multi-function displays providing the flight crew with a clear blue day image in all weather conditions. It also enables new features in addition to SVS including Integrated Flight Information Systems, an Enhanced Vision System video window and wall-to-wall ADI displays.


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