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Hawker offers satellite monitoring on Hawker 125s

Oct. 20, 2010, Atlanta, GA - Hawker Beechcraft Services announced it is offering automated flight information reporting on fielded Hawker 125 series business jets (900XP, 850XP, 800XP and 750) through an agreement with AeroMechanical Services, Ltd.

October 20, 2010  By Wings Magazine

The monitoring service – Automated Flight Information Reporting System (afirs) and supporting infrastructure, UpTime – can help ensure operational readiness by recognizing and transmitting relevant engine and aircraft data that, if left undetected or unaddressed, might otherwise result in an unscheduled maintenance event and impact aircraft availability and dispatch reliability. In addition, Hawker Beechcraft is equipping its demonstrator aircraft with the system to allow the company to educate customers on system utilization.

“By installing the afirs/UpTime system, our operators can be proactive about troubleshooting maintenance issues and taking necessary actions to reduce unscheduled downtime,” said Christi Tannahill, HBC vice president, Global Customer Support. “Our customers will have real-time access to experts with no gaps in coverage and we’ll be able to deliver a new dimension of customer service and safety.”

FLYHT’s afirs collects, analyzes, and delivers aircraft health and status, including position, to operator-designated internet (IP) addresses from any location globally via the Iridium satellite constellation and FLYHT’s UpTime web-hosted data delivery system. Satcom voice and real time connectivity for Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) applications are also available.

The system processes critical engine and aircraft parameters, as well as aircraft status. Airframe and engine data that exceed limits designated in the Aircraft Flight Manual or specified by the operator are transmitted via afirs/UpTime to one or more IP addresses, designated by the operator. The transmission is completed in less than 15 seconds, without requiring pilot action. For situations requiring detailed analysis, position and aircraft status, data can be sent to any IP address, either automatically based upon pre-established conditions, or by instructions from ground-based personnel or the flight crew. Optional fuel management programs and Iridium voice service can also be added.



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