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Honeywell helps Embraer Legacy 450 Propel towards certification

A number of Honeywell Aerospace products have been certified as part of Embraer’s newest mid-light executive jet, the Legacy 450. Offering better speed, range and field performance than expected, the aircraft recently received certification from the Federal Aviation Administration and European Aviation Safety Agency. Honeywell provides the main propulsion engines, the Auxiliary Power Unit, the Cabin Pressure Control System, and Ovation Select Cabin Management System for Embraer’s latest jet.

September 21, 2015  By Honeywell

“The Legacy 450 sets the bar for all other airplanes in its class. It offers a new level of speed, efficiency and comfort as the fastest mid-light jet in the air,” said Brian Sill, president of the Business & General Aviation team at Honeywell Aerospace. “Honeywell’s range of products aboard the aircraft gives customers the tools they need to get to their destination faster while staying productive and entertained.”

“Honeywell’s technology has allowed the Legacy 450 to reach higher standards than originally thought possible,” said Luciano Castro, vice president Programs at Embraer Executive Jets. “Between the reliability and superior performance of the engines, and the enhanced experience provided by the in-flight management system, we were able to produce a superior jet for the mid-light jet segment.”

Honeywell’s HTF7500E turbofan engine was developed specifically for the Embraer Legacy 500 and Legacy 450. It provides better fuel efficiency, reliability and maintainability, while reducing emissions and noise, giving the jet greater access to airports around the world with shorter runway takeoff and landing capabilities. The engine is designed to be environmentally friendly, providing significant margin to the International Civil Aviation Organization committee on aviation environmental protection standards for all criteria pollutants. The HTF7500E’s efficient engine design further reduces CO2 emissions while lowering aircraft operating costs through reduced fuel consumption and condition-based maintenance.

The Legacy 450’s Ovation Select Cabin Management System allows fliers to stay productive and entertained throughout their flights, whether they want to focus on work or enjoy a state-of-the-art entertainment system. By using Ovation Select, the cabin includes individual monitors and wireless iPad and iPhone controls with fully integrated audio and video. Fliers can also seamlessly integrate their own electronic devices into the cabin by simply bringing them on the plane and plugging them in. There are also Blu-ray players with high-definition inputs, including HDMI and USB ports.



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