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Honeywell maintenance plan to protect AirSprint’s Legacy 450s

Honeywell is making global maintenance easy and intuitive for AirSprint Inc. with its Maintenance Service Plan offering. The fractional aircraft ownership company, based in Alberta, has signed an agreement to enrol up to 12 of its Embraer Legacy 450 aircraft in the plan, which provides its fleet with access to engine and auxiliary power unit parts, service expertise, and global support any time. Honeywell’s always-on maintenance support will take the stress out of fleet maintenance and help AirSprint limit aircraft downtime and unforeseen costs.

January 23, 2017  By Honeywell

Honeywell’s Maintenance Service Plan (MSP) celebrated 40 years of operation in 2016. The service plan is the most comprehensive on the market and supports over 80 aircraft platforms in more than 100 countries around the world.

Honeywell’s MSP will help AirSprint make maintenance predictable, adding stability to financial planning by using scheduled engine and auxiliary power unit (APU) inspections, maintenance, and upgrades to keep aircraft operations running on time and as profitable as possible. When unforeseen issues strike, Honeywell’s MSP offers AirSprint around-the-clock access to over 180 services centres around the world, so it’s easy to get spare parts and mechanical expertise wherever they are needed.

“From the routine to the unforeseen, comprehensive and simple maintenance is valuable for operators looking to take on new aircraft, expand their fleet or extend the life of their current aircraft. Honeywell’s Maintenance Service Plan takes the guesswork and worry out of maintenance timing and cost, so operators have a dependable, client-ready fleet all the time,” said Mike Beazley, vice president, Business Aviation, Honeywell Aerospace. “Honeywell has more than 40 years of experience dedicated to maintenance support and has built the right set of engineers and service staff members and a global support network to provide customers with peace of mind that their aircraft will spend less time on the ground and retain a high value.”

“As a fractional aircraft ownership business, our focus is on providing our fractional owners with a safe, consistent, competitive and affordable private aviation experience. A big part of achieving that goal is making smart investments in the health and maintenance of our fleet,” said James Elian, president and COO, AirSprint Inc. “The purchase of our Legacy 450 aircraft was a strategic and substantial investment, and Honeywell’s Maintenance Service Plan ensures that we have the global experience and support to manage maintenance issues, and keep our planes flying and our fractional owners happy.”



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