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HotSeat Pilot Pro offers surround view and sound

October 27, 2010  By Stacy Bradshaw


Oct. 27, 2010 – The HotSeat Pilot Pro delivers surround views and surround sound putting you in the cockpit to train. With the hands-on Instrument Pod you set the NAV and COM radios, Autopilot and more.   Look left – ahead – right and down for the cockpit display. Fly VFR, IFS, shoot ILS approaches to any field on the planet in virtually any plane. The geography and topography are accurate as are the preflight check list, cockpit instrument panel and the flight physics for each plane. The Pilot Pro is available as a Flight Sim with Yoke and Rudder Pedals, a Combat Sim  Stick and Throttle or as a Heli Sim with proper Cyclic, Collective and Anti Torque pedals. For more information


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