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IABC approves ARGUS Training for prospective IS-BAO auditors

ARGUS International, Inc. (ARGUS) is pleased to announce that the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) has approved the ARGUS Aviation Lead Auditor Training (ALAT) for prospective IS-BAO auditors in accordance with the IS-BAO Policy 2015-2.

January 8, 2016  By ARGUS

This course is designed to deliver comprehensive training that provides pertinent knowledge and practical tools necessary to conduct many types of aviation audits including: internal, external, third party and airline codeshare. The course is based on ISO 9000 principles.

The ALAT workshop aims to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of:

  • Lead Auditor core competencies, duties and responsibilities
  • Practical exercises to provide emphasis on proper technique for quality auditing
  • Planning and conducting successful audits
  • Working and interacting seamlessly with audit teams
  • Quality management principles
  • Principles of continual improvement
  • Writing audit reports

Additional information and registration for 2016 ALAT courses are available at:



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