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IATA announces 2011 Eagle Awards

June 6, 2011, Singapore - The International Air Transport Association (IATA) awarded its prestigious 2011 Eagle Awards to NAV CANADA and Prague Airport in recognition of their outstanding achievements in customer satisfaction, cost efficiency, and continuous improvement.

June 6, 2011
Carey Fredericks

IATA Exceptional Recognition awards were also presented to DGAC Chile (Chile’s provider of air navigation services) and SCL (Santiago Airport).

The presentation was made in front of 700 industry leaders gathered in Singapore for the 67th IATA Annual General Meeting and World Air Transport Summit.

Eagle Awards, which honor air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and airports, are based on the recommendations of the independent Eagle Awards Panel, chaired by Dr. Assad Kotaite, former Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

“Eagle Awards are highly-prized recognitions of airports and ANSPs which strive for excellent service, better cost efficiency, and continuous improvement. In today's challenging environment, all providers need to make similar efforts in a spirit of genuine partnership,” said Kotaite.


"I congratulate NAV CANADA and Prague Airport for their Eagle Awards, together with DGAC Chile and SCL for their Exceptional Recognitions. They are great examples of how dedicated industry partners can cooperate to improve performance and cost efficiency", said Giovanni Bisignani, IATA's Director General and CEO.

This is the third Eagle Award for NAV CANADA, following previous awards in 2010 and 2001. Its strong track record of working closely with its customers to improve performance through regular and meaningful consultations, combined with technical and operational investments supported by extensive cost-benefit analysis, place it at the forefront of the industry’s air navigation service providers. NAV CANADA is also focused on cost efficiency. Strong cost controls enable a continuing freeze in charges and reduced cost base.
"Congratulations to NAV CANADA on their third Eagle. It is a great partner and a global leader in delivering top class performance,” said Bisignani
Most Deserving Airport

Prague Airport was awarded an Eagle Award for its transparent, effective, and constructive consultations with airlines. Understanding the needs of its customers, Prague Airport has frozen its charges until March 2012 by strategically using its commercial revenues to maintain both competitive charging levels and quality services supported by a service level agreement. “Prague Airport has been a progressive partner for its airline customers. Among our airport partners, it is the most-deserving to be recognized with an IATA Eagle award,” said Bisignani.
Exceptional Recognition

IATA gave special recognition to the cooperative efforts of SCL and DGAC Chile that facilitated a quick recovery from the devastation that followed the Chilean earthquake on 27 February 2010.

Both airport and air navigation services were restored quickly with no impact on rates or charges for passengers or airlines. DGAC Chile and SCL are widely regarded as leaders in Latin America for efficiency, quality, and customer focus. In 2007, DGAC Chile was recognized for its world-class performance with an Eagle Award.
"The Eagle Awards for NAV CANADA and Prague Airport, and the Exceptional Recognition of the providers in Chile for their achievement in difficult times, are examples for other providers to follow in satisfying the needs of their airline customers," said Bisignani.

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