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IFL Group acquire first Bombardier CRJ200 SF

Dec. 19, 2014, Toronto - Bombardier Commercial Aircraft has announced that an entity owned by the IFL Group of Waterford, Michigan has signed a firm purchase agreement to acquire the first Bombardier CRJ200 SF (Special Freighter) aircraft.

December 19, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

The aircraft will join IFL Group’s fleet flying air freight throughout North, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean.

“We look forward to adding the Bombardier CRJ200 SF aircraft to our fleet,” said Michael Church, President, IFL Group. “The CRJ200 aircraft has a proud history of dependability and reliability in the fast-paced world of regional airline operations and we are confident that its legacy will continue in our busy air freight environment where on-time performance is essential.”

Prior to being delivered to the IFL Group, the aircraft will be converted to all-cargo configuration by Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI) of Miami, Fla., a Bombardier-licensed Third Party Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) Provider for passenger-to-freighter conversions for CRJ100 and CRJ200 aircraft. The freighters include a large cargo door and are marketed by AEI as CRJ100 and CRJ200 Special Freighter (SF) aircraft.

“AEI is offering an outstanding opportunity for additional utilization of CRJ100 and CRJ200 aircraft in the secondary aviation market and we are delighted to welcome our first customer for the CRJ200 SF aircraft,” said Ross Mitchell, Vice President, Business Acquisition, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. “The re-configuration of CRJ100 and CRJ200 aircraft that are being phased out by airlines transitioning to larger regional aircraft provides an opportunity to set new standards for regional large door freighters.”


“We are seeing significant interest in the CRJ100 and CRJ200 passenger-to-freighter conversions,” said Robert Convey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, AEI. “The dependability and affordable operating economics of both platforms make them particularly well suited for regional cargo and feed operations.”

Features for the CRJ100/CRJ200 SF aircraft include:

• Eight 61.5 in x 88 in (256 cm x 223.5 cm) pallet positions
•  Up to 14,840 lbs. (6,731 kg) main deck payload
•  Large cargo door 94 in. x 77 in (238.7 x 195.6 cm)
•  10,000 lb. (4, 536 kg) payload can be flown 1,735 nm (3,213 km)
•  15,000 lb. (6 804 kg) payload can be flown 800 nm (1,482 km)
•  Dual vent door system
•  Rigid 9G barrier
•  28-VDC independent cargo door hydraulic system
•  Main deck converted to Class “E” Cargo Compartment
•  Cabin windows replaced with lightweight aluminum window plugs


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