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Innotech Aviation delivers 26th Bombardier Global XRS completion

May 1, 2012, Montreal - Innotech Aviation has delivered a Global XRS (S/N 9426) 11-place interior completion to Bombardier Aerospace. This marks Innotech's 26th interior completion of a Global series aircraft.

May 1, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

Innotech vice-president and general manager, Rob Brooks, said, "We are very proud of our Montreal team and the relationship we have built with Bombardier Aerospace. We continue to exercise our quality processes to deliver a first class product to Bombardier clients around the world. These processes also support our capabilities and expertise as an Authorized Service Facility (ASF) when working on major refurbishing and heavy-maintenance contracts." Brooks added, "We look forward to delivering our first Global 6000 completion in the next few months."

The completion includes a custom paint application from Innotech's 41,000-square-foot paint preparation and application facility at Trudeau International Airport in Montreal. The paint shop is equipped with environmentally-friendly technology that provides a cleaner application, better adhesion and substantially less paint waste than conventional spray methods. It has been running at full capacity since it opened in 2008.


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