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Innovative ideas taking flight at UofT

A hybrid drone with both wings and rotors, a supersonic rocket powered by laughing gas and candle wax, and a satellite smaller than a toaster that could carry microorganisms into orbit: these were just some of the innovations on display at Aerospace Showcase 2016, organized by the University of Toronto Aerospace Team (UTAT).

March 22, 2016  By UofT

More than 200 people attended the event Friday in the Bahen Centre on U of T’s St. George Campus, including industrial collaborators, faculty, students and media.

“There is meaning and passion behind every piece of technology you see here today,” said Jeremy Wang (Year 3 EngSci), UTAT’s Executive Director. “One of the things this team helped me realize is that aerospace is not just about aerospace — we hope to show you its importance at a deeply personal and cultural level which is felt, but not always noticed.” | READ MORE


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