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Introducing “dronevertising” – not just pie in the sky for car dealerships

Hoovy has been advertising for car dealerships all over Los Angeles area by flying a promotional banner attached to their Advatar drone. Most recently the company flew for Carson Nissan on 1505 East 223rd Street in Carson, Calif. during the July 4 weekend and is expected to do it again on July 11 and July 12. The drone generated a lot of excitement from the people who walked or drove by the location. The sales team witnessed many occurrences when the customers came to the dealership because they saw a drone with a banner while driving by and wanted to see it firsthand.

July 9, 2015  By Hoovy

Dronevertising is revolutionizing the outdoor advertising market. “We pride Carson Nissan for being among the first pioneers to realize the benefits of this technology and being at the frontier of the technological innovation. Drones and the automotive industry share the same customer demographics who love technology and mechanics, which makes this an ideal partnership. We are thrilled to work with Carson Nissan,” says Eugene Stark, CEO of Hoovy.


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