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Irate passengers sue Air Canada over rocky ride

May 7, 2012, Toronto - Air Canada is facing a $20-million class-action lawsuit stemming from an incident over the mid-Atlantic when a groggy pilot mistakenly sent the plane plunging.

May 7, 2012  By The Canadian Press

Sixteen people aboard Air Canada Flight 878 from Toronto to Zurich were hurt in the incident in January 2011.

Some passengers are particularly unhappy the carrier told them at the time the dive was caused by turbulence rather than pilot error.

In other cases, they say they were given indemnity waivers to sign without knowing what happened.

Only last month did a Transportation Safety Board report reveal that a co-pilot woke from a nap, and wrongly thought the plane was about to crash into an oncoming aircraft.


Unbelted passengers went flying when the co-pilot rammed the control shift forward and the plane dived 120 metres before the captain regained control.


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