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IWG announces shipment of its 2000th unit

Oct. 21, 2009 – Burnaby. B.C. – International Water-Guard has announced it will soon ship its 2000th Water Treatment Unit.

October 21, 2009  By Administrator

Oct. 21, 2009 – Burnaby. B.C. – International Water-Guard has announced it will soon ship its 2000th Water Treatment Unit – a milestone in the company's service to its business jet and VIP airliner customers, according to IWG President & CEO David C. Fox.

"Over the last few years, we have seen a steady increase in interest in the inclusion of our Water Treatment Units on large business jets and VIP airliner completions," Fox said. "Today we are standard equipment or a standard option on most of the large business jet types. Protecting passengers and crew from water borne disease is recognized as a basic operational requirement and I am pleased to say that IWG has evolved to be the leader for the aviation industry. We expect to ship our 2000th unit within the next month or two."

According to Fox, IWG's newest equipment incorporates advanced communications capability that integrates into any cabin or maintenance environment and is equipped with an enhanced self-monitoring capability. "The electronics produce the ultraviolet light that disinfects the aircraft's water systems, but they also scan for a range of fault conditions, which can be reported to the cabin management system," he explained.

As addition to the company's water treatment units, IWG has developed significant expertise in complete water system design, including its patented Circulating Potable Water System (C-PWS).


"In providing full water systems, we can ensure the customer is getting the best in terms of performance, weight and technology," he said. "Installing a complete system also feeds back into water treatment design, so we can capitalize on the lessons learned through the use of our products, resulting in the best performance and the best service to our customers."

International Water-Guard is a Canadian aerospace company focusing on aircraft potable water treatment, systems and components. IWG has expertise in all aspects of water treatment, and has the products and know-how to provide high quality water for passengers and crew, and light weight, space saving solutions for the aircraft operator.

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