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jetAVIVA Announces Jet Familiarization Training Program

Dec. 10, 2007, Van Nuys, CA - New Jet Familiarization Training (JFT) course.

December 10, 2007  By Carey Fredericks

Dec. 10, 2007, Van Nuys, CA – Future Very Light Jet (VLJ) pilots now have the opportunity to begin flying an Eclipse 500 jet today. Many have been waiting for years to fly a VLJ – now the wait is over. 

The Jet Familiarization Training (JFT) course, offered by jetAVIVA, serves three primary purposes for the client:

1.    Become a safer jet pilot
2.    Gain experience in the Eclipse 500 VLJ
3.    Excel during the manufacturer's type rating school

Three JFT course packages are offered. The Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Courses consist of 10.5, 25, and 45 flight hours respectively. Each package includes ground school, all necessary materials and manuals, cockpit procedures training, and flight training.


Flight training includes general familiarization, glass cockpit introduction, high altitude procedures, emergency and abnormal procedures, takeoffs and landings, instrument approach procedures, and Scenario Based Training (SBT) missions including maximum range flights and high altitude airport flights.  Edwin Sahakian, jetAVIVA JFT Client, Cirrus SR-22 owner and Eclipse 500 position holder, says "jetAVIVA's JFT program is exactly what I needed/was looking for… a relaxed, yet focused approach to helping me get acclimated to flying a jet. I'd recommend jetAVIVA's JFT program to any and all future Eclipse 500 pilots." jetAVIVA Instructor Pilots are experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly. The ranks of jetAVIVA instructors include former airline Captains and line check airmen, an instructor who holds type ratings in a Cessna Citation Mustang, Eclipse 500, and Cessna CJ1, CJ2, and CJ3, and a former Eclipse Aviation Flight Test Engineer.

Bill Harrity just got his start flying jets with jetAVIVA. Before VLJs, Bill owned a Piper Aerostar and Pitts aerobatic biplane, among other types. Bill says, "I have a smile on my face practically the whole time I'm flying that thing. I think jetAVIVA's instructors are very professional, and not only do they know and instruct in the Eclipse extremely well, but I like how they have been working with me to improve sloppy flying habits and replace them with the techniques of a professional pilot."
Beginning in 2008, jetAVIVA will begin operating Cessna Citation Mustangs in their training program in addition to their current fleet of Eclipse 500 jets.

The JFT program is intended for any pilot with a VLJ on order or who is considering the purchase of a VLJ.

To learn more, contact jetAVIVA at 877.jetAVIVA (877.538.2848) or visit their website at .


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