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JetPro Completes WAAS Instrument Procedure Development to eight Airports

Nov. 26, 2008 - JetPro, an Alberta based engineering firm specializing in satellite-based  instrument approach and departure procedure design, has successfully  completed the development of Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS)  instrument approaches to eight airports in Canada.

November 26, 2008  By Carey Fredericks

The design process starts with a precision runway survey to determine  the exact position of the runway thresholds.  Then, using Transport  Canada/Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved design criteria, the  instrument procedure is designed using the all digital techniques and software  developed by JetPro.  The procedures then are flight checked using specialized  flight check equipment installed in an aircraft modified for WAAS flight checking.   The procedures are then submitted for publication in the Canada Air Pilot (CAP),  Restricted Canada Air Pilot (RCAP) or other publications such as Jeppesen      “The introduction of WAAS instrument approaches is an exciting and  revolutionary use of satellite-based navigation in Canada” said Ed McDonald,  P.Eng., MBA. President of JetPro.  “WAAS provides a precision approach  capability that is superior to the venerable Instrument Landing System (ILS).  No  ground infrastructure investment is required yet the airport gets the benefit of  ILS-like capability approach to approach minimums as low as 250 ft.  Both the  airport operator and the air carrier also enjoy the benefit of increased safety in  the approach and landing phase with these vertically-guided approaches”.  

 JetPro will be completing another four airports and six WAAS approaches  during the balance of 2008.  This includes WAAS approaches to some  challenging mountain airports in Western Canada.   

In 2009, JetPro anticipates implementing approximately sixty WAAS  approaches at new and existing client sites throughout Canada.    “JetPro has made a major investment in providing our clients a completely  integrated, turn-key solution from the runway survey, to the computer-aided  design, through to flight checking.  Our flight checking capability is particularly  unique as JetPro is the only non-NAV CANADA organization in Canada with this  capability”.  In addition to the technical capabilities, JetPro has over ten  experienced procedure designers on staff including two professional engineers.   

WAAS approaches provide airport operators with an ILS capability for the  cost of procedure development with no airport infrastructure required.  Airport  operator clients include resource companies that own and operate their own  airfields; community airports that seek the operational and economic advantages  of GPS/WAAS approaches to their airports to support commercial and medical  evacuations; and air carriers that see new market opportunities by introducing  the safety and reliability of GPS approach and departure procedures to airports  for their clients.   




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