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JMJ Aerospace gets international recognition

June 21, 2011, Paris, Fra. - Under a three-year agreement signed last fall, JMJ Aerospace's expertise has been recognized by SAFRAN Aircelle, which confirmed the certification of the quality management program developed by JMJ Aerospace.

June 21, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

This rigorous program will be implemented in the production of engine pods for Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company's (SCAC) Superjet100.

In October 2010, JMJ Aerospace deployed resources from Quebec and other parts of Canada to SAFRAN Aircelle in France and Russia. JMJ Aerospace offers project management, through which it carries out the planning, logistics and management of the workforce. It also provides technical assistance on site through its mobile teams.

A dozen technical experts from Quebec and elsewhere in Canada have been assigned to the pod production operations for the Superjet100 series, at SAFRAN Aircelle's main podding sites located in Toulouse, France, and Komsomolsk, Russia. Canadians contributed to setting up the 2,000 m² facility in Russia, which is devoted entirely to SCAC's Superjet100. The JMJ Aerospace team, which comprises a project manager and operations supervisor, a production inspector, assembly mechanics and other technical resources, ensures the deployment of the Quality Management Program (QMP) in line with both SAFRAN Aircelle's quality policy and process improvement policy.

"This agreement with SAFRAN Aircelle is a first in Quebec in the project and resource management sector. We're proud to be the prime contractor and to thereby contribute to raising awareness of Quebec's expertise in aviation on the international scene," said MarieChantal Chassé, president and CEO of JMJ Aerospace.


SAFRAN Aircelle, a leading player in the engine pod sector, has an ambitious quality policy in keeping with its focus on excellence. The French company says it is delighted with JMJ Aerospace's proposal and confident it will make the most of Quebec expertise.

"With our commitment to providing our customers with products and services at the highest international level, in a context of continuous improvement, we are pleased to be able to rely on these highly qualified quality-management specialists from Quebec, who are committed to implementing the Quality Management Program (QMP). They will undoubtedly help us consolidate our position and ensure we become a dominant player in the engine pod market," said Serge Rière, site and operations manager for Aircelle's podding unit in Toulouse.


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