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Jordanian Air Force chooses Pilatus PC-9M training system

Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. has announced that the Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) has signed a contract for the purchase of nine Pilatus PC-9 M training aircraft. The order also includes a simulator, training equipment and a comprehensive logistics support package.

August 11, 2015  By Pilatus

 Keen to modernise its pilot training facilities, the RJAF has opted for the Pilatus PC-9 M, knowing that it will provide a resolutely up-to-date, high performance, cost-effective system for basic and advanced pilot training. The order was only awarded after several years of hard negotiations, from which the PC-9 M finally emerged as the winner.
Oscar J. Schwenk, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Pilatus, commented:
“We are very pleased to welcome the Royal Jordanian Air Force as a new member of the Pilatus family. I am equally happy that Pilatus won the deal against several other international competitors and that, in the final round, the Royal Jordanian Air Force chose our PC-9 M over all other aircraft!”
Markus Bucher, CEO of Pilatus, adds:
“We are truly delighted to have a new customer and are confident that this purchase will encourage other air forces to consider our efficient Pilatus training aircraft for their own pilot training needs in the future. This decision is further proof that we are a world class provider of training aircraft!”
The PC-9 M is a proven and efficient training system already used with great success by many air forces around the world. The PC-9 Ms acquired by the RJAF will be ready for delivery from January 2017 and will form the future backbone for training the pilots tasked with flying the latest generation of military jets.
Pilatus guarantee to provide the RJAF with premium Swiss quality, working with our customer to implement the optimum training system for its requirements in respect of basic and advanced pilot training – the Pilatus PC-9 M.


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