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Keeping that ‘new car smell’

heli_wingsMarch 16, 2009 – Everyone knows that 'new car smell'. Nothing beats it: Sinking into the seat, the feel of the steering wheel, the burnished dashboard, and the fresh smell of leather.

March 16, 2009  By Administrator


Everyone knows that 'new car smell'. Nothing beats it: Sinking into the seat, the feel of the steering wheel, the burnished dashboard, and the fresh smell of leather.

The worst part is knowing that it won't last long. The kids, pets, passengers, groceries and dirt all ensure that the 'new car feel' is quickly lost.

Now, a new system's on the market that promises to change all that. The Zirconite Protection System developed by Concept Chemicals of the UK is opening up new profit opportunities in the rapidly expanding vehicle protection market.

Zirconite Leather Shield, which incorporates 3M Scotchgard™, utilises the advanced dirt and stain repelling technology of 3M Scotchgard™ Protector to add an invisible coating. This active barrier protects against the build up of every-day soiling whilst allowing leather to breathe and retain its natural suppleness.


It's a boon for the modern consumer faced with myriad products that promise to 'add sheen and shine to your dashboard,' or make the interior 'look as good as new'.  In reality, few work. Instead of a clean interior, buyers are often left with a cleaned out wallet.

For car owners Zirconite Leather Shield will help protect their investment in the leather trim option – usually one of the most expensive options at time of purchase, but also one of the few which still carries a premium when the car is re-sold.

For those in the trade, the opportunities for added value sales are considerable. New and used cars, car rental and leasing, even limousine companies will benefit as Zirconite Leather Shield protects against champagne spills as well as it does against tea and coffee.

Aviators will find that treating the interior of their planes with Zirconite will improve the condition of the leather, and boating enthusiasts will see the same results. 

Zirconite Leather Shield is being launched in two formats: an easy to use
Shield & Care Kit, which contains all the products required for the treatment of leather trim for one vehicle, and a one-litre trade pack to offer even greater economies for centres carrying out multiple vehicle treatments.

The complete Zirconite System also comprises a Fabric Protector, for total care of vehicle interior fabrics by sealing carpets and fabric seats with a protective 'spill-resistant' coating. This unique Zirconite coating seals the fibres, covering each one with a non-stick micro-resin.

Zirconite is a brand of Concept Chemicals, recognised as one of Europe's leading innovators in vehicle cleaning and detailing technologies.  Concept Chemicals & Coatings Ltd was founded in 1987 and is the UK's leading manufacturer of chemicals for professional vehicle cleaning.

Concept Chemicals has achieved Certification in these assessed product areas: Development, Manufacture, Processing and Distribution of Chemicals for the Automotive /Transport Cleaning Industries, Speciality Chemicals for Paint Refinishing.

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