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Key conference to focus on border issues

Nov. 26, 2012, Ottawa - The upcoming NBAA/Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA) Cross-Border Issues Conference will not only provide a forum to discuss the operational and regulatory issues involved in traveling between the United States and Canada; it also will address a significant concern affecting operators flying across the Atlantic: the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS).

November 26, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

The conference, scheduled to take place Dec. 6 and 7 in Ottawa, Ontario, is a collaborative effort between NBAA and CBAA that will bring together government officials and industry experts on border-related concerns, and address common challenges faced by aircraft operators that fly between the United States and Canada.

Among the issues to be addressed is cabotage, or the transport of goods or passengers between two points in the same country. An extensive session addressing common questions about the issue, as well as a review of strategies for completing cross-border flights while remaining in compliance with cabotage regulations in both countries, will take place on Dec. 7.

Cross-border security will also be a hot topic for discussion. "With the U.S. election now over, new large-aircraft security rules may be introduced in 2013 that will again affect cross-border operations," said CBAA President and CEO Sam Barone. "The conference will provide insights on these upcoming developments."

Barone also noted that the Canada Border Services Agency will provide an overview of several recent changes made to customs clearance procedures that should benefit operators. "While regulators on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border are working to streamline processes, the questions of border management, facilitation and security processes remain complex and can impact every phase of business aviation operations," he added.


The meeting will also address the still-evolving situation with EU-ETS. A session dedicated to this issue, which will include a discussion of the recently announced plan to "stop the clock" on implementation for one year, will take place on Dec. 6. Review the recent "stop the clock" announcement.

The CBAA/NBAA Cross-Border Issues Conference also will give Attendees the opportunity to discuss issues directly with policymakers and other government officials.

"This conference has been critical in building our relationships with regulators in both the U.S. in Canada," said Scott O'Brien, NBAA senior manager, finance & tax policy. "It has helped educate regulators about our industry and enabled them to interact with our Members, who I think always make a good impression about our industry."


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