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Kinniburgh Spray Service testing P&WC’s FAST solution

Pratt & Whitney Canada's (P&WC's) turnkey FAST (Flight, Acquisition, Storage and Transmission) solution is being readied for P&WC PT6A-powered agricultural aircraft following advanced prognostic health management trials with two agricultural customers: Field Air in Australia and Kinniburgh Spray Service in Canada.

December 6, 2016  By P&WC

The FAST solution, which enables wireless capture, transmission and analysis of key engine data, will allow agricultural operators to make rapid and informed decisions, lower costs and troubleshoot issues before they happen – helping reduce maintenance intervention or avoid shop events entirely. P&WC is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.

With fully automated wireless data transmission to P&WC’s data centre for analysis, the results – including vital powerplant information and trend monitoring – are accessible to the operator minutes later via the Internet or by email. A key advantage of the FAST solution for agricultural operators will be the ability to know the condition of the engine without having to perform a hot section inspection each season.

“Being able to combine our 60-plus years of experience in understanding the intricacies surrounding aerial application with in-depth knowledge of engine conditions across our fleet allows us to best serve our customers and improve our operational efficiencies,” said Shaun Kinniburgh, president of Kinniburgh Spray Services. “Through our testing of P&WC’s engine prognostics solution it is clear that having rapid access to engine and aircraft data and analytics in near real time allows us to further optimize our maintenance and financial planning. This insight also adds to overall safety by ensuring our aircraft and engines are not overworked or under utilized – all of which further supports our ability to provide the best service to help our customers succeed.”

“The FAST solution for aerial application will provide deep and timely understanding about what is happening inside the engine and aircraft, helping customers optimize their operations and reduce costs,” said Denis Parisien, Vice President, General Aviation, P&WC. “Ultimately, it’s about supporting operators in making data-driven decisions that enable them to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. The FAST solution is already demonstrating its value on more than 600 aircraft. This is yet another example of how well connected P&WC is with its customers. They shouldn’t have to settle for less.”


P&WC has installed more than 6,000 technical diagnostics systems in aircraft around the world in its effort to help customers reduce costs and pilot workload as well as improve aircraft availability and resale value. The FAST solution, which launched in 2011, makes significant advancements in delivering timely situational awareness about engine health, usage and trends. It is also instrumental in helping customers move toward a more planned and preventive maintenance environment.

In addition to the FAST solution, P&WC’s data-driven engine health innovations are helping deliver highly customized services to operators while opening up new development opportunities in areas like oil analysis. P&WC’s innovative Oil Analysis Technology Program continues to build momentum as a next-generation on-wing monitoring solution for preventive maintenance. With already more than 3,500 engines enrolled in a customer trial since its launch in May 2016, the new technology has demonstrated its potential to be hundreds of times more precise than the existing oil analysis methods currently in use. The highly sensitive technology detects minute particles within engine oil, providing early and more precise exposure of the deterioration in oil-wetted components well before a potential event occurs.


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