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L-3 grows its footprint in India

Feb. 7, 2013, Bangalore, India - L-3 Aviation Products (AP) announced today it is establishing a presence in India to provide technical support for its customers, engineering oversight for programs and expanded business development coverage in that area. The establishment of a local presence aims to advance L-3’s long-term business growth in the emerging Indian aerospace sector, as well as the region.

February 7, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

“For L-3 to deliver best-value solutions, service and support to our Indian customers, we need to expand our presence in that area,” said Denise Millard, vice president of international business development for L-3 AP. “Our Indian customers demand the highest quality, top-level service and ease of access to local support. Through this initiative, we are continuing to broaden our reach in meeting the growing needs of aerospace customers in the region.”
Having already implemented a variety of technical support, engineering, design and manufacturing activities in India through local partnerships, L-3 AP is poised to increase the level and value of its local content. L-3 plans to add more capability and collaborate on the manufacture, delivery and support of products in India for domestic and international aviation markets, while developing the basis for a long-term support and services center in the region.


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