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Law firm representing MH370 families vindicated by court decision

Jan. 12, 2015, Chicago, Ill. - A decision was made final in the Illinois Court of Appeals this week that will give families of victims of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 legal recourse to have their cases heard in court. It is an important victory for the families of the fallen flight whose love ones are still missing.

January 12, 2015  By Carey Fredericks

In March 2014, Ribbeck Law Chartered, the firm representing the majority of the families of those on board MH 370, filed a petition for discovery against The Boeing Company and Malaysian Airlines seeking information to identify the persons or entities responsible for the disappearance of that plane.
Three days later, a judge dismissed that petition, ruling that the petitioner already had the information sought and could proceed to file a complaint. No hearing was held at that time.
In a decision made final this week, the Appellate Court of Illinois reversed and remanded the original ruling, saying the judge was without authority to deny or grant the petition without first holding a hearing. A hearing has been ordered.
Monica Kelly, aviation attorney at Ribbeck Law Chartered, who filed the appeal on behalf of the MH 370 families, feels vindicated by the Appellate Court ruling.
“These families have the right to be heard in the Illinois court system,” says Kelly. “We were shocked when the judge dismissed our petitions. The initial decision was outside the limits of existing law.”   
Manuel von Ribbeck, principal at Ribbeck Law Chartered, explains this victory will impact families across the world who have lost loved ones to aviation disasters.
“Our goal is to make sure these families are protected by existing Illinois law, not hindered by it,” says von Ribbeck. “Ribbeck Law Chartered is the only law firm that is fighting for the families of this ill-fated flight.”


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