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Levaero delivers first PC-24 in Canada

July 18, 2019  By Wings Staff

The Pilatus PC-24 has now amassed more then 50,000 fleet flight hours. (Photo: Pilatus)

Levaero Aviation has delivered the first Canadian-registered Pilatus PC-24 aircraft to an unnamed customer, described as an experienced operator. The PC-24, which is distributed exclusively in the Canadian market by Levaero, received Transport Canada certification on June 27, 2019. It achieved EASA and FAA certification in December 2017, with more than 35 PC-24 aircraft delivered since that time.

“Since the PC-24 was first revealed to the public, pulled into the Swiss rollout event by 24 horses, Pilatus has delivered more than 35 aircraft, which have amassed more than 7,000 flight hours,” said Stan Kuliavas, VP of sales at Levaero. “This aircraft is extremely well-suited for operations in Canada and we look forward to many more PC-24 aircraft gracing the Canadian skies.”

Pilatus in late-May 2019 re-opened its PC-24 order book, including access for Canadian customers. The Swiss airplane manufacturer expects to increase its annual production of the PC-24 to 50 aircraft in 2020.

The PC-24 is branded by Pilatus as the only Super Versatile Jet in the world with operators having access to almost twice as many airports worldwide when compared to other jets on the market. This is largely due both to the PC-24’s ability to safely land on unpaved surfaces and its short-field performance – akin to the aircraft maker’s popular PC-12 turboprop series.



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