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Major avionics upgrade to refurbished Hawker 700

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Major avionics upgrade to refurbished Hawker 700 
Based upon the proven and highly successful Universal EFI-890 EFIS, as the core system, MC2 has now completed and brought to certification another Canadian first.

October 20, 2008  By Administrator

phplbvnpcpmOct. 20, 2008, Mississauga, Ont.– Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2) is a leader in avionics sales, services, repair, design and certification. Their expertise covers all forms of airborne communication, cabin entertainment systems, TCAS, EGPWS, TAWS, RVSM and EFB applications.

With the OEM order books full and wait times getting longer, plus the screws slowly starting to tighten on the economy, many flight operations have been exploring ways and means to bring efficiency by incorporating modern updates to older airframes. For their part, MC2 is well respected for their cockpit design, enhancement and update projects – especially those that are applied to older aircraft.

Background . . .

Montreal based, Starlink Aviation have been in the corporate and private charter business for over 25 years. Their fleet ranges from intercontinental capable Falcon 900EX through to Lear 60. The also offer turbo props from an Embraer 120ER to a King Air 200. The company operate an FBO and have aircraft management and maintenance operations as part of their business mix.


Starlink purchased a Hawker 700 last year to be integrated into their charter fleet. The aircraft was purchased prior to a modernization programme and accordingly required new paint and interior. The company decided that this was the right opportunity to update the avionics systems as well. Enter MC2 with another unique solution! Accordingly, Starlink contracted them to plan and execute one of their avionics modernization, efficiency and safety upgrades.

Between the physical and cosmetic work that has been executed over the last year, the end result is stunning for both passengers and crew and has resulted in an aircraft that boasts better operational management and efficiencies today, an extension to the useful life of an airframe and will add to the resale value down the road.

Technical Data of Project . . .

Based upon the proven and highly successful Universal EFI-890 EFIS, as the core system, MC2 have now completed and brought to certification another Canadian first with this mod!

The new avionics upgrade included:

– 3 display Universal EFI-890 EFIS
– Dual Universal FMS
– Universal Class A TAWS
– Universal Application Server Unit to display charts on Navigation Display
– Dual Collins AHC-1000A AHRS
– Collins TCAS-4000
– Dual Collins Mode S Transponders with ELS/EHS
– Collins Proline II radio suite
– Dual Universal Radio Control Units
– Collins TWR-850 Weather Radar
– RVSM w/dual Collins ADC-87A ADC’s

According to Strarlink, the avionics upgrade is incredible and has added to their cockpit management best practices as well as increased overall operational efficiency and safety of this aircraft. This is yet another example of how carefully planned and selected modernization can effectively restore an older aircraft to a valued corporate asset and proven transportation tool. MC2 have many similar success stories in this area and continually work to answer client challenges in this area.

For additional information please consult the MC2 website or contact Bill Arsenault.


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