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Welcome once again, and thanks for your positive feedback and input.

October 3, 2007
By John D. Issenman


Welcome once again, and thanks for your positive feedback and input.

I'd like to invite even more of you to send in your comments or
concerns regarding aviation safety. I will try to address timely safety
issues which not only are important to the industry in general, but of
specific interest to your sector.

In the last issue we covered some Safety Management System (SMS)
basics and referred to the Transport Canada publication ‘Introduction
to Safety Management Systems',TP 13739 E. I'm sure that by now you have
all requested, received and read this free booklet.

I intended my last article as an introduction to the principles and
concepts of SMS,a quick look at where Transport Canada is headed and
its expectations of industry as a full partner in safety management,
and to remove the ‘fear factor' from those of you charged with the task
of making this happen for your company.


Your feedback was encouraging and focused on the
common-sense,cost-effective approach to ‘How to build and live with an
SMS that works for you'.

The correct tools and help are often critical factors affecting the
outcome whenever a new system or program is designed and developed.
Private-sector companies provide this type of assistance to operators
and maintenance organizations, resulting in the identification,
elimination or management of risk.The government is also involved in
this area.

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