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Mechtronix delivers new simulator to Copa Airlines

Aug. 30, 2011, Montreal - Mechtronix Systems Inc. is to provide Copa Airlines with a Boeing 737NG Full Flight Simulator (FFS) and a Maintenance Flight Simulation Training Device (M/FSTD) to support the increase in training requirements for one of the fastest growing airlines in Latin America.

August 30, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

The new simulator, a B737NG FFS X™ (Level D), will join an existing Level C device that has been operating successfully at Copa’s training facility in Panama since the airline became one of the early adopters of Mechtronix’ ‘train@home’ concept in 2005.
The new system was chosen both for its reliability and proven performance as well as its ease of maintenance, according to Daniel Gunn, Copa’s Senior Vice President Operations: “By having an additional Mechtronix simulator in Panama, we will be able to train our pilots at home, in their local environment, with all of the commensurate savings in costs and time that this brings,” he says.
“We will no longer have to send our pilots away, and will have the capacity to cope with further training demands, both initial and recurrent, as our airline grows.” Gunn explains. Copa currently operates 43 Boeing 737NG aircraft with some 45 more on order.
The Mechtronix FFS X™ replicates the B737NG to be qualified Level D under EASA regulations – the highest level for a full motion simulator. The simulator features a 36 inch electric motion base, RSI image Generator and 180×40° visual display. It also features Mechtronix’ debrief system, ‘SimCast’.
Xavier Hervé, COO of Mechtronix Systems, says that its innovative train@home model is proving a popular choice for the fast-expanding airlines like Copa: “Copa was one of the early champions of ‘train@home’ and fast to recognize the competitive advantage it could bring,” he says. “By changing the rules, we are helping airlines like Copa compete in an increasingly competitive market.”
As well as the FFS X™, Copa Airlines will also take delivery of a new M/FSTD – a crew training device designed specifically for systems and procedure training. The M/FSTD comes with touch screens for an easy navigation on all panels, controls, indicators and displays within the flight deck. Innovative features include active systems schematics and 3D interface for key systems. The device helps pilots familiarize themselves with the aircraft cockpit environment, thus optimizing the training time spent in the Full Flight Simulator.
The new FFS X™ and M/FSTD will be installed ready for training in September 2011.


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