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Mechtronix introduces jet transition trainer with three launch orders received

March 12, 2008, Montreal - Mechtronix Systems Inc. (MSI) today announced  the introduction of the Ascent(R) XJ Trainer(TM).

March 12, 2008  By Carey Fredericks

March 12, 2008, Montreal – Mechtronix Systems Inc. (MSI) today announced
the introduction of the Ascent(R) XJ Trainer(TM), which will provide a realistic
introduction to the automated flight deck for today's FTO's and professional
schools seeking to offer MCC, LOFT, Entry Level Training (ELT) and MPL and
courses in a commercial, regional or business jet environment.

The device has already been well received by the market with three orders
on hand from le Centre Québécois de Formation Aéronautique (CQFA), Center Air
and an undisclosed customer. Henceforth, the device will be known as the
Ascent(R) XJ Trainer(TM); X for transitional and J for Jet.
In its commercial configuration the trainer provides an aerodynamic and
realistic representation of the larger aircraft class like the A320 or B737NG
which pilot students will be faced with at the beginning of their career. The
new unit will feature a generic commercial jet flight model that is
reconfigurable to a generic regional turboprop providing a modern multi-crew
flight deck training experience in both environments for its students seeking
to fly for today's airlines. It also features EFIS, Autopilot, FMS, EGPWS and
TCAS resulting in a powerful and cost effective training solution. The Jet
Transition Trainer meets key regulatory qualifications such as FAA FTD Level
3, FNPT II MCC requirements under JAR-STD 3A and ICAO MPL FSTD Type 2.
"We see the Ascent(R) XJ Trainer(TM) as an exceptional training device
that meets the quality and affordability requirements of today's professional
pilot schools and high end FTO's that are gearing up for pilot provisioning,
be it in the context of Multi Crew Pilot Licensing or the more classic
training footprints," said Xavier Hervé, President of Mechtronix. "The new
trainer offers a clear view to the future of Pilot Provisioning which is now!"
"FTO's will also benefit from the technical architecture of the Ascent(R)
XJ Trainer(TM), which makes the trainer easy to maintain and operate" said
Paul Solnoky, Mechtronix Simulation Program Development Director. "The trainer
will provide student pilots with a realistic modern cockpit environment, which
includes high fidelity simulation of the aerodynamic performance, aircraft
systems and avionics systems such as EFIS, Autopilot, FMS and TCAS found in
today's commercial and regional jet aircraft. FTOs will be pleased to find
that we have also included some of the recent developments found in our    
FFS X(TM) & FFT X(TM) units used by today's airlines to this new platform."


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