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Mechtronix qualifies for Delhi Flying Club

Sept. 8, 2010, Montreal - Mechtronix Systems Inc. has announced that Delhi Flying Club, a member club of Aero Club of India (ACI) has successfully achieved qualification for its Cessna 172 Ascent Flight Trainer installed at its New Delhi training facility.

September 8, 2010  By Carey Fredericks

The Aero Club’s acquisition is part of an important investment plan by the Government of India to heighten the current existing initial aviation training standards in the country. The device is qualified as Synthetic Flying Training Device as per current rules of DGCA which is equivalent to JAR FSTD A FNPT II.
“The investment of our Government in Mechtronix simulators enables us to optimize our training syllabus and support the expansion of our flight training activities,” said Mr. R. C. Kanda, Aero Club of India’s Secretary General. Air Commdr. A.K. Gupta, Secretary Delhi Flying Club added, “Our Ascent® Flight Trainer™ combines 20 hours of credit towards IR training and we are delighted to teach our pilot students in such a first class technology. Our brand new simulator from Mechtronix meets and even goes beyond our expectations in terms of visual fidelity and superiority as well as cockpit and architecture realism.”
Added HBE Aviosec’s Managing Director Mr. Nandy Bhatia, “we are very happy with our partnership with Mechtronix to develop flight training activities in India; the Delhi Flying Club/ACI and the Indian aviation authorities, DGCA, worked together to qualify the Ascent® Flight Trainer™ and the successful qualification of the device brings initial training in India to new quality standards and technology heights. Through a productive collaboration, Mechtronix and HBE have developed a trusting business relationship and we look forward to announcing further success stories in the future.”
“The partnership between Mechtronix, Aero Club of India and HBE Aviosec is a good opportunity for us to continue our efforts to penetrate the Indian market and further build our image of professional aviation solution providers in the region”, indicated Mechtronix Systems President Hervé. “Being selected by the most prestigious and oldest flying school in India further demonstrates our leadership in the constantly expanding country and especially when the organization has such stringent requirements in terms of availability, reliability and fidelity.”
Configured as C172 with Garmin 1000 avionics, the simulator features a 180×35° field of view, a FFS-quality Raster/xT Image Generator (IG) from RSI and full HD projectors providing exceptional visual and sound fidelity. Equipped with a semi-enclosed instructor operating station (IOS) area, the unit enables easy interaction between instructor and students who experience high fidelity flights in the C172 cockpit replicating a 100% of the touch and feel of real avionics parts.


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