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Moncton College Flight instructors make mark with Georgian

Oct. 17, 2013, Toronto - Air Georgian Limited and Moncton Flight College (MFC) have entered into an agreement that will supply Air Georgian with a steady stream of qualified pilots from Moncton Flight College's pool of instructors.

October 17, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

These candidates will be specifically selected by MFC's faculty and will represent top performers within the company. To qualify, these candidates must be flight instructors who have consistently performed their duties to a high standard and have demonstrated an excellent work ethic with a focus on professionalism and customer service.

"Air Georgian looks forward to working with another industry leader to explore this new hiring stream," notes Scott Peters, Air Georgian's Manager of Corporate Training. "As a past flight instructor, I recognize the career-building opportunity this agreement brings to instructors looking to expand their skills and gain valuable experience in the airline industry."

Candidates selected by MFC will be invited to participate in Air Georgian's recruitment process, which includes an interview, cognitive/personality testing and a flight simulator evaluation. Successful candidates will be provided with a conditional offer of employment. Once the candidates reach a level of experience mutually agreed upon between Air Georgian and MFC, the candidates will begin their training with Air Georgian as First Officers.

"We are pleased to enter this new relationship with Air Georgian," says MFC's Chief Executive Officer, Mike Tilley. "The new partnership further strengthens Moncton Flight College's career path opportunities. We have many international contracts allowing our flight instructors to build quality flight hours quickly. As some instructors leave for work at Air Georgian, opportunities will be created for graduating students to fill the vacancies. This announcement is good news for students, staff and both companies."



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