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More benefits for fractional jet owners

May 25, 2011, Dallas, Tx. - To continue its mission of providing exceptional flexibility and value, Flexjet is proud to announce two new benefits for fractional jet owners.

May 25, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

The 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee allows owners to exit their contract for any reason within the initial three-month period—regardless of contract. The Unlimited Carry Forward Hours program grants fractional and lease customers the ability to roll over 100 percent of their accrued and unused hours into a future purchase. Both offers are available to all current and future Flexjet fractional customers and will be integrated as standard features of Flexjet's fractional offerings.

"At Flexjet, we are determined to offer genuine competitive value and be the industry leader in customer satisfaction," said Fred Reid, President, Flexjet. "Our new 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and Unlimited Carry Forward Hours programs are just two examples of how committed we are to not only meeting, but exceeding, our customers' expectations every time they fly."

The 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee program presents a default clause allowing any owner to exit their contract during the first 90 days from the contract start date if not completely satisfied with the program. Customers will not be charged an early-termination fee and will be reimbursed 100 percent of the purchase price.

The Unlimited Carry Forward Hours program provides fractional and lease customers the opportunity to carry forward 100 percent of their accrued—but unused and unsold—allocated hours from their current ownership interest to their new interest. When using Carry Forward Hours, customers will be responsible for their total hourly rate change and applicable taxes.



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