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MSB Group announces collaboration with Field Aviation

Ahead of NBAA-BACE 2017, MSB Group - Booth N4429 - has confirmed it is supporting Canada-based Field Aviation, for the first time, by providing engineering design and manufacturing of interior monuments for a number of complex cabin interior projects.

October 10, 2017  By MSB Group

Interior engineering specialists from the Montreal-based MSB Ressources Globales division are producing custom-built cabinets, while sister company, MSB Design, is providing the component manufacturing support. MSB parent company Sogeclair Aerospace, is complementing the team contribution, by performing the stress analysis and certification planning for the projects. The combined project perfectly demonstrates the MSB Group’s capacity for designing, engineering, manufacturing and delivering customized product from start to finish.

The design engineering began in early 2017. The MSB team has been working closely with the Field Aviation engineering team in Canada, to ensure the demands of the project are met on time and on budget. MSB Ressources Globales dedicated technicians continue to work on-site with Field Aviation experts to survey the aircraft, and plan for accuracy of the pickup points for the tailored monuments to match the exact specifications.

“Field Aviation was looking for a specialty partner that had the ability to manage the engineering, manufacturing and delivery of the interior monuments, so that their team could focus on other aspects of the aircraft modification. Our previous experience in this sector, the combined expertise of MSB Design, MSB Ressources Globales and the know-how of Sogeclair Aerospace, was the perfect combination for this project,” said Robert Lodge, Business Development Manager, MSB. “The fact we had our site in Montreal, Canada and our new facility in Savannah, also supported our selection,” says Lodge.

“The timeline for this project is very demanding and MSB’s responsiveness, flexibility, knowledge and contribution has been invaluable,” said Ian Baldeo, Field Aviation’s program manager.


Lodge anticipates that following the success of the project further collaboration with Field Aviation and other partners is possible. With a strong presence in the US owing to its new Savanah site, and the longevity of its Montreal headquarters, MSB is well positioned to provide streamlined engineering design, development, manufacturing and final product delivery across North America. Previous MSB Group projects have included custom built dining tables for VVIP projects and proprietary mechanisms used to hide and display items throughout multiple platforms. With the new resource in Savannah, Lodge anticipates this part of the business will continue to grow through 2018.


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