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Mxi Technologies Introduces Automated

Mxi Technologies announced the addition of an Automated Line Planning feature to the Maintenix® aviation maintenance management software.

September 20, 2007  By Carey Fredericks

Ottawa, Canada (July 17, 2007) – Mxi Technologies announced today the addition of an Automated Line Planning feature to the Maintenix® aviation maintenance management software. The new functionality in the integrated, intelligent software solution will eliminate repetitive tasks, providing significant improvements to labour productivity by allowing maintenance planners to focus their time on critical issues and decisions.

The integrated functionality of the Maintenix software provides near real-time visibility into the flight plans of each aircraft within a fleet, the maintenance capacity at each airport, and all of the discrepancies and tasks required. Taking all of these factors into consideration, the Automated Line Planning feature generates and schedules a realistic set of work packages, beginning with the most important tasks. Planners are immediately informed of any issues that could prevent work from being accomplished, such as routing, insufficient capacity or unavailability of parts. The planner may then make the important decisions required to ensure that the necessary work is performed and that capacity is optimized.

Continually changing factors such as weather delays and aircraft reroutes add to the challenges associated with Line Planning. With the push of a button, Maintenix updates the plan to incorporate any new information in the system, ensuring work packages are based on the most accurate, up-to-date information.

"Mxi continually looks to our users for participation in enhancing the Maintenix software, and the addition of the Automated Line Planning feature was driven by the input of our users," said Les Hine, President of Mxi Technologies. "The Maintenix system was already collecting the required information; now we enabling our customers to use that information in a smart way. With line planners no longer occupied with planning for the hundreds of predictive tasks that come up each day, they can focus their time on critical decisions and emergencies, leading to tremendous improvements in the productivity of line maintenance professionals."



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