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NAV CANADA and Sensis win 2010 Environment Award

March 18, 2010, Ottawa - NAV CANADA's deployment of Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) technology over Hudson Bay was named winner of the Environment Award at the 2010 ATC Global Exhibition and Conference held last week in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

March 18, 2010  By CNW

The technology, consisting of five ground installations around the Hudson Bay shoreline, was developed and supplied by Sensis.

Presented by Janes Airport Review, this is a new ATC Global Award that recognizes 'green' air traffic management concepts and the aviation industry's contribution to reducing environmental emissions. It is one of six award categories recognizing industry achievements over the last year.
In January 2009, Sensis ADS-B was deployed to provide surveillance of the 850,000-square kilometres of airspace over Hudson Bay. With the ADS-B surveillance, NAV CANADA can now employ 5 mile separation standards rather than the 80 miles of separation that was previously used, allowing aircraft to fly shorter routes and at more efficient altitudes.
Today, 17 airlines operating 425 ADS-B certified aircraft account for over 50 per cent of the traffic over Hudson Bay. NAV CANADA expects the number of ADS-B certified aircraft will double by the end of 2010. This means more than 80 per cent of the traffic transiting this airspace will be flying ADS-B routes.

With ADS-B coverage in the airspace over Hudson Bay, NAV CANADA estimates that between 2009 and 2016, airlines will save $195 million in fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 547,000 metric tons. Further savings in fuel and emissions will be realized – especially by oceanic traffic to and from Europe – as ADS-B expands into north eastern Canada and over southern Greenland, a project that is well underway.
"I am honoured to accept this award on behalf of the NAV CANADA employees who did the pioneering work on this exciting deployment of ADS-B in Canada's North" said John Crichton, President & CEO. "And their work continues, with further deployments that will deliver even greater benefits for our customers and for the environment."
"This award honors a landmark system that is improving safety in high traffic airspace while simultaneously delivering tangible and measurable benefits to the environment," said John Jarrell, vice president and general manager of Sensis Air Traffic Systems. "In addition, NAV CANADA is helping their airline customers cut fuel costs and improve the flying public's experience through more efficient and predictable flight routes. We are honoured to share this inaugural award with NAV CANADA."
The award categories are designed to reward new developments as well as collaborative ventures. Winners are selected by a panel of senior representatives from the Federal Aviation Administration, EUROCONTROL, IATA, CANSO, Jane's Information Group and ICAO.



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