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Navtech announces partnership with GlobalNavSource

March 22, 2012, Toronto -  Navtech Inc. has announced a new partnership with GlobalNavSource to provide Navtech iCharts and Navtech iCharts Enroute via the GlobalNavSource Electronic Flight Bag platform, EFB v2.0.

March 22, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

Together, a broader collection of international aeronautical charts is being offered to GlobalNavSource Business and General Aviation customers through the in-flight EFB app, supporting paperless operations and giving pilots more convenient access to charts, plates, weather and other data.

GlobalNavSource is an iPad EFB Pioneer that has paved the way for operators seeking FAA approval for paperless operations on iPads.   GNS provides cost effective Rapid Decompression (RD) and EMI testing and certification necessary for an iPad to be an approved EFB. GlobalNavSource is the developer of the iPad app EFB 2.0, which is easy to use, intuitive, and is a favorite of professional pilots. You can download the GlobalNavSource app free from "By providing the Navtech electronic charts library through the GlobalNavSource EFB app, Navtech iCharts will be more widely available.  Customers now have a new channel to receive our electronic charts and we are pleased to work with GlobalNavSource," said Patrik Strömqvist, Product Director, Charts.

"We are pleased to work together with Navtech to bring the Navtech Charts data as another  option for our EFB customers. We have customers that conduct occasional international trips and really benefit from a cost effective international trip-kit for their iPad EFB app," said Jeff Ariens, CEO GlobalNavSource.

Navtech's electronic charts, derived from a growing and expansive library, support all EFB Classes (1, 2 & 3) with terminal and seamless enroute charts.   Navtech iCharts and Navtech iCharts Enroute have specific features to enhance iPad viewing including: touch screen GUI, improved night mode visualization, enhanced search functionality for full content, and crosstalk functionality between connected flight deck units.  Navtech iCharts Enroute offers additional specific features for iPad use which include: improved readability with auto de-clutter feature layers, zoom levels, route highlighter, and on-the-fly filtering of high/low level information.



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