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NBAA introduces Single-Pilot Operations template

Oct. 11, 2011, Las Vegas, Nv. - As part of NBAA's continuing commitment to support Light Business Airplane (LBA) operators, the Association is unveiling its new Light Business Airplane Flight Operations Manual Template at today's NBAA/Cessna Single-Pilot Safety Standdown.

October 11, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

The 18-page template includes six sections that deal with the basic operational requirements: Organization and Accountabilities, Safety Management System, Standard Operating Procedures, Qualifications and Training, Maintenance Procedures, and Security Procedures. In addition, the document has five appendices: Risk Assessment Tool, Airworthiness Checklist, Weight and Balance Form, Emergency Response Plan and Trip Debrief Sheet (Hazard/Incident Report).

Besides being handed out during the Safety Standdown, which is being held today from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in Room N234 of the Las Vegas Convention Center, copies of the LBA template are available at the NBAA Headquarters Booth #N2504 (near the entrance of the North Hall) during the remainder of the Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2011) or can be downloaded from the Association’s web site (

"Recognizing that LBA operators are an important part of the NBAA Membership, the Safety Committee has produced a resource for single-person, single-aircraft flight operations that would adapt the operational best practices used by larger flight departments," explained Doug Carr, NBAA's vice president, safety, security & regulation. "Using this template will enable owner-operators to create a very simple, yet very effective operations manual. And enhancing safety for all business aircraft operators, regardless of size, helps everyone."

NBAA also is supporting LBA operators during the Annual Meeting & Convention by presenting the Single-Pilot Safety Standdown, which is sponsored by Cessna Aircraft Company. This event draws upon the actual experiences of pilots, providing an emphasis on peer-to-peer information sharing. This year's session includes presentations on Positive Flight Attitude, Runway Excursions, Single-Pilot Safety Management, Tactical Weather Flying and Human Factors in the Single-Pilot Environment.


All materials and meals at the Cessna/NBAA Single-Pilot Safety Standdown will be provided compliments of Cessna. The Standdown is free of charge to registered Attendees at NBAA2011.


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