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Near miss accident over Hong Kong

Sept. 27, 2011, Hong Kong, China - Aviation authorities in Hong Kong say they are investigating an incident in which two jets carrying more than 600 people had to take evasive action after straying into each other's path as they were trying to land.

September 27, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

Cathay Pacific Airways said Tuesday that in the Sept. 18 incident, one of its Boeing 777s and a Dragonair Airbus A330 were at the same altitude southwest of Hong Kong's airport when they came too close, triggering cockpit alarms.

Cathay said in a statement that the pilots responded immediately, with the Dragonair jet climbing and the Cathay plane descending.

The airline said the planes were one nautical mile (1,850 metres) apart at the closest and there was "no risk of collision.''



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